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Pete Knight's History


In Pete’s own words from a 1934 handwritten letter he wrote to Guy Weadick who asked for a bit of history for an article he was writing on Pete Knight:

“I was born in Philadelphia Pa. 1903 May 5th.  Left Philadelphia at the age of three years.   Moved to Stroud, Oklahoma.   Lived in Stroud (9) nine years - at the age (12) years.   Year of 1914 we moved to Crossfield Alberta.

I rode my first bronc at the age of (13) thirteen a horse for my own use.

My first contest I rode at Crossfield.  At the Age of (15) fifteen Year 1918 .
Prizes 100-60-40 each day.   Harold Walch, Ivan Oneal, Pat Smith were the contestants.

Year of 1923 I won five Shows around Calgary.   Broke my foot at the parade of the Calgary Stampede that year, didn’t ride any more until 1924.   Won Chestermere Lake - split  first and second at Calgary.

In all I have won 12 saddles, 6 belt buckles, 5 watches, 4 cups, 2 pr spurs, 2 schaps, 1 bridle silver mounted, 5 medals, 2 hats, 2 pr boots.

Midnight no doubt was the hardest and toughest horse I ever rode. He was big and stout in his shoulders and kicked high.  He had a drop in his shoulders.  Something the power of the Ocean.

Midnight and Tumbleweed were at that time owned by Peter Welch. I think they were the two best horses I ever rode.  I rode Tumbleweed at New West Minister B.C. they claimed it was the first time he was ever ridden.  I also rode Midnight 1926 in Montreal that was before he came to the States.

The next horse, 5 Minutes to Midnight, is the Greatest little Bucking the public ever saw-never fails to Buck- in my Idea he is the present Champion Bucking horse in the World and I think he is the greatest little horse I ever rode. At the present time he is owned by Ed McCarthey of Chey. – Water Young and Vern Elliot of Johntown, Colorado his weight is about  950 he is black and to me he is the Biggest Little Horse in the World, I have seen him buck off every good rider in the world, except myself but I have lost two stirups - first time I rode him and the last twice.  I was married March 21, 1932 at Hot Springs Arkansas at the age of 29. (Pete married Ida Lee (Babe) Avant.)

I will close for now. Probably think of something else later. It was nice of you to Congratulate me on my double winning.  Sorry you didn’t at least come to the Palliser to see all of us. We missed you plenty and everybody did and hope someday to see you right back where you belong and I will be waiting for that big show of yours.  Wherever it is you can depend on me being there for whatever you do.   Pete”

Pete was a 4 time World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider – 1932, ’33, ’35 and ’36.  Pete’s entry always stated he was from Crossfield, Alberta.

May 23, 1937 Pete Knight died at a rodeo being held at the Rowell Ranch in Hayward, California.  Babe and his daughter, Deanna Tomasina Knight (born April 8, 1937) were in the stands.  Pete is laid to rest in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA with his wife and daughter.


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